Wyevale Garden Centres

Garden Centre Apprenticeship Programme

European Union Wyevale Garden Centres has developed a unique apprenticeship scheme that focuses on garden centre employment. This superb programme is delivered in conjunction with Pershore College of Horticulture.

Garden Centre Apprenticeship Programme

What does the programme involve?

The apprenticeship programme combines a blended learning approach with full integration in Wyevale Garden Centres. Knowledge based learning will be accessed online whilst college based master classes at specially selected regional horticultural colleges will develop practical skills. These will, in turn, be enhanced and put into practice in the work place.

All apprentices who successfully complete the programme will obtain a City and Guilds work based Diploma in Horticulture Level 2.


Apprenticeships last 12 months, with wages determined by the apprenticeship minimum wage relevant to your age. A 'celebration bonus' of £500 is paid to all those who successfully complete the programme.

The following year, higher level apprenticeships linked to the management development strategy for Wyevale Garden Centres are available to these successful candidates subject to application.

If you are committed, enthusiastic and enjoy hard work, this is a golden opportunity to earn while you learn, with the very real prospect of being a manager of a small site in five years' time.

Who are we looking for?

Most of our employees have an interest in horticulture and are looking to embark on a varied and fulfilling career in retail.

The core values we seek in all our employees are:

  • Courtesy and dedication to customer service
  • Leadership
  • Commercial thinking
  • Team spirit and the ability to work with others
  • Total commitment to the highest standards
  • Flexibility
  • A desire to be and do the best

How to apply:

If you have any questions or are interested in joining our apprenticeship scheme please send us your CV or request an application form by emailing apprenticeships@wyevalegardencentres.co.uk.

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