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Pascal Hillock

Garden Centre Manager

This compact centre lies on the south side of the A232, Wickham Road in the Shirley area of Croydon. It is situated just below a block of flats, set back from the road and opposite Shirley Avenue. There has been a garden centre on the site since the early 1900s, when customers would come to buy loose seeds and individual bulbs from Thomas Butcher's Garden Centre and Nursery. Some of the fittings from that era still exist, in fact the wooden fixture separating the office from the tills is where, more than a century ago, loose seeds were originally stored and sold.

Despite our size, we are a full service garden centre! We sell top quality growing stock, gardening products and garden furniture as well as birdcare products, floristry, houseplants, greeting cards and books. We will soon be opening a new giftware department whilst at Christmas we make a huge effort with displays of decorations, lights and trees. Our friendly and helpful staff are horticultural experts who pride themselves on giving good practical advice to expert and amateur gardeners alike.

We all look forward to welcoming you to the centre soon.

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60 Wickham Road

Telephone:0844 288 5131
Fax:0844 288 8131
Email:Garden Centre

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