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David Austin Roses at Syon Park

Syon Park Garden Centre has one of the widest and largest collections of English roses supplied by David Austin Roses. The Syon range incorporates new and exclusive varieties of English roses, including the latest and best new introductions, which only have limited availability and are always in high demand.

The Wedgwood Rose

David Austin’s versatile collection of English roses provide the perfect choice for almost any area of the garden. They combine the romantic form and beauty of old garden roses with the virtues of repeat flowering and health of modern roses and are particularly admired for the strength of their fragrance.

One of the newer varieties is ‘Princess Anne’, which has just received an industry accolade of ‘Best New Plant Variety’ from the Grower of the Year Awards 2011. The pure deep pink colouring of ‘Princess Anne’ provides a special beauty with its classic full-petalled flowers and an attractive tea rose fragrance.

The range at Syon Park is aimed at rose enthusiasts and has more than 200 varieties of roses on offer, including all of the roses that you will find in our garden centres nationwide and also a more diverse collection with several varieties that David Austin only grows in a small quantity. See below for more details about some of the roses that we sell.

English roses as climbers

English roses are believed to be some of the best of climbing roses. They are vigorous, without being too tall and are therefore easy to manage. They also have a remarkable ability to flower all the way down to the base of the plant and the blooms are produced unusually freely and regularly throughout the season.

The choice of wonderful climbers is diverse. One of the newer varieties, is that of The Wedgwood Rose, which exhibits soft pink blooms. The petals have a delicate, gossamer-like quality, creating the overall charm of an old rose effect. The character of the rose is further enhanced by a distinct grapefruit fragrance on the outer petals with overtones of a clove scent at the centre. An extremely healthy variety, with many shoots developing from the base. The flowers are complemented by dark green and glossy foliage, which offset the delicacy of the pink blooms perfectly.

Rambling roses

Rambling roses flower once, with great profusion, in early summer, delightfully clothing walls, arches or pillars with masses of small, scented blooms held in graceful panicles.

A rarity in the rambler family is ‘Malvern Hills’, which repeat flowers reliably, bearing small, fully double blooms of lovely soft yellow tones. This cloak of continuous colour, provides a glorious vision with the added bonus of a noisette rose fragrance.

Old roses

This diverse collection of roses provided by David Austin and available at the garden centre, includes the true old roses of early European origins, which played such an important part in the development of the English rose varieties.

The old roses include summer-flowering varieties that provide a magnificent display in the summer with a wonderful fragrance. These are complemented by repeat-flowering old roses, which flower over a longer period of time.

Whichever variety you choose, you will experience wonderful blooms, fragrance and charm of the English garden rose. Flowering from their first summer, these shapely shrubs will give years of pleasure in the garden.


David Austin Roses was established in 1969 and remains a family business. David oversees one of the world’s largest garden rose breeding programmes with his eldest son David JC Austin, who has worked alongside his father for more than 15 years. The company has won 15 gold medals for rose displays created for the Chelsea Flower Show.