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When to Plant Bulbs

Bulb Aftercare

Bulbs are brilliantly undemanding plants. After planting bulbs keep them well watered whilst they are in active growth and until at least six weeks after flowering. For the best display, give them a regular high potash feed. After planting bulbs most will come back happily year after year, provided they are left to die down naturally and are not cut back after flowering. Bulbs need the energy their leaves produce to get them through the dormant period and ready for flowering the following year, so only nip out the spent flower heads and leave the leaves where they are until they have turned yellow and straw-like, usually around six weeks after flowering.

Tulips are one of the few bulbs that benefit from lifting after flowering - if lifted and stored somewhere cool and dry, like a shed or garage until the autumn, they will flower brilliantly again the following spring.

Although lone plant labels are not the most attractive addition to a border, they are vital for knowing where the bulbs in your garden are once they have died down in the dormant season. The last thing you want to do after all that hard work planting bulbs is to dig them up again, so always use a label when planting bulbs and save yourself the frustration of spearing your prized clumps of daffodils with a garden fork later in the season.