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How to give your tree a merrier Christmas

Real Christmas Tree

Christmas isn't really Christmas without a real tree.

That's why we only work with the best growers to bring you only the finest quality real cut and pot-grown trees.

All of our trees are hand-pruned over 20 times by a small team of specialists; and each tree has taken at least 6 years to reach its perfect size and shape.

And we're so confident that our trees will stay looking good until Christmas that we guarantee it.

Of course, Christmas trees are real plants that still need care and attention to keep them looking their very best.

So follow these simple instructions to keep your tree looking great well into the New Year.

Real cut trees

  • Choose your cut tree from the end of November.
  • Un-net your tree as soon as you get home – this will improve air circulation and prevent the tree from overheating in the middle.
  • Cut an inch off the trunk with a pruning saw to help the tree take up water. Place it in a water holding stand within 30 minutes, or the trunk will seal itself.
  • A 6ft tree can drink up to 2 pints of water a day, so top up the stand daily.

Pot-grown trees

  • Choose your potted tree from early November.
  • When you do bring it inside, place it on a large saucer or something similar to protect the floor.
  • All of our pot-grown trees have fully established root systems which allow them to be planted in your garden after Christmas.

All trees

  • Position away from direct sources of heat such as radiators and open fires.
  • Keeping trees well watered and cool helps prevent needle loss.

Once you're finished with your Christmas tree, recycle it. You can shred it yourself and use for the compost heap or as a useful mulch around acid loving plants such as azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons.

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