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Over the past few years councils have pulled out all the stops recycling Christmas trees. They run collection services, hold chipping events and provide recycling sites. So why in today's age of recycle and reuse, are people still dumping their Christmas trees? These dumped Christmas trees will be sent to landfill which creates methane gas, a big contributor to global warming. After spending 60 or so pounds on a Christmas tree you would think most would want to find a good use for it. To give these people some inspiration here are a few creative, emission free ways of recycling Christmas trees;

1. You can help out garden wildlife this winter and also help to get rid of some garden pests by using the base of your Christmas tree as a bird feeder. All you need to do is place the stump in your garden. Slugs & snails will crawl under it to hide from predators and stay warm. Turn the stump over every few days and give ground feeding birds, like thrushes and blackbirds, a feast.

2. To protect young bedding plants from the frost, cut off branches and lay them over your flower beds. You can also use the branches to warm patches of ground for planting later in the season.

3. Create habitat for garden wildlife. Chop up the trunk and branches of your Christmas tree and leave in a heap in the corner of your garden. This will create shelter for garden wildlife during bad weather. Eventually the wood will rot down and create compost to be reused on your plants.

4. When you give your Christmas tree to your local council they chip it to create mulch. This is then used on flower beds to retain moisture and provide nutrients. If you buy a real Christmas tree every year why not buy your own chipper. If you're short of money you could always share one with your neighbours. You can buy these for a relatively low price from good garden centres.

5. Use straight branches as support sticks for your tomatoes or pea shoots later in the year.

6. Use your tree to attract wildlife into your pond. Chop up the trunk and put in the bottom of your pond to provide a place for fish hide in sunny weather. Bigger pieces will provide somewhere for amphibians to sit.

So next week when your decorations come down, put your Christmas tree to good use in your garden. Whatever you do with your old Christmas tree, don't let it go to landfill.

For more information on what your council is providing in regards to Christmas tree recycling this year, visit Directgov.

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