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December gardening tips

Gardening Advice

Flowers and containers

Put bark chips around hellebores to protect the delicate blooms from rain splashes and cut off any leaves with black spots on them - this is a fungal disease and not to be tolerated!

Bring in any tender plants that are not already in shelter.

Bulbs - they should really be planted already, but if you haven’t quite got around to it, put them in the ground as soon as you can. It’s not exactly text book stuff, but they will probably come up and flower in the spring, even if a little later than normal - worth a go!


Repetitive, we know, but do raise containers onto feet or bricks to protect them from wet and cold and lag them with bubble wrap, hessian or fleece if not frost proof. In really cold weather even hardy plants may need protecting so hunt out any insulating material.

Remove debris regularly to prevent pests from taking up residence and brighten up dull pots and containers with winter pansies and winter flowering heathers.

Our hardy plants are the best quality so we now offer a lifetime guarantee.

Lifetime guarantee on hardy plants