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December gardening tips

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Fruit trees and bushes

Plant fruit trees and bushes as long as the soil is neither too wet nor frozen.

Prune established apple and pear trees (not those grown against a wall) - keep the centre of the tree fairly open to allow air to circulate freely which helps avoid disease. Ensure any crossing and rubbing branches are cut out - open wounds will only encourage disease. If you are unsure about how to prune, please ask for advice at the garden centre.

Check stored fruit and throw out any that show the slightest sign of rotting to avoid ruining your entire crop.


Harvest leeks, Brussels sprouts (from the bottom upwards), carrots, parsnips (after a frost) and winter cabbages.

Earth up winter brassicas to help protect them from wind - if your sprouts are very tall it will pay to cane them. Remove yellow leaves as these encourage fungal disease.

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