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Which plants are best to attract wild birds to my garden this winter?

Winter is a tough old season for our feathered friends. They need all the energy they can get, but unfortunately most of their natural food sources are rather scarce.

To combat this, we can help attract wild birds to the winter garden by introducing plants that have a plentiful harvest of berries or are home to a variety of overwintering insects. Here are five winter plants that'll have the wild birds flocking to your garden in no time:

1. Holly -“ Always a firm favourite for wild birds at this time of year, especially for nesting robins, thrushes, finches, dunnocks and goldcrests. Their signature red berries are particular popular among greenfinches, blackbirds, song thrushes and redwings.
2. Ivy - An easy-to-grow evergreen that produces long lasting berries. These provide a great source of food for woodpigeons, mistle thrushes, black birds and redwings.
3. Guelder Rose - A dynamic shrub, which produces clusters of berries that bullfinches, song and mistle thrushes feed off in the winter.
4. Teasel - This native biennial will bring some height to your border and allow birds like the goldfinch to feast on the seeds.
5. Hawthorn -“ A fast growing, native deciduous tree. Their haws are rich in anti-oxidants and make a perfect treat for blackbirds, redwings, fieldfares, greenfinches, starlings, robins and chaffinches.

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