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I bought a black bamboo 5 months ago and overnight all the leaves have shrivelled. It was watered, has it died?

Phyllostachy nigra

The leaves of the Phyllostachy nigra (Black Bamboo) can become shrivelled very quickly (as if overnight), this is a self defence mechanism, often a reaction to drying out or strong cold winds. It is unlikely to mean the end of your bamboo, it will more than likely quickly re-grow a lovely new set of lush vibrant green leaves if properly looked after.

If it is being grown in a pot, make sure that the pot is large enough and it is located in full sun or very light shade in a sheltered spot. Water regular and feed with a liquid feed, fortnightly. If it is being planted in the ground, make sure that it is planted with a generous quantity of well rotted manure or a general handful of blood, fish and bone. Locate in a sheltered site in a sunny or lightly shaded spot and water regularly.

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