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I am having problems with caterpillars, mostly little ones that burrow or cocoon into leaves and buds. They are present on a large range of plants., Last year I lost so many flowers. Any advice please?

These sound like cutworms - they are moth larvae who cause damage by chewing the base of stems, new buds, leaves and roots early in the season.

There are several ways you can prevent them from destroying your crops:

1. Avoid planting in infested areas
2. Keep the garden free of weeds, tall grass and other debris which they may use to lay their eggs
3. Sprinkle coffee granules or crushed egg shells around the base of your plant
4. Encircle your tender new growth with a plastic or cardboard barrier

To get rid of them, you can use insecticides, however the effectiveness is unknown. A great way to get rid of them is to hang bird boxes and feeders around your garden; the birds which visit your garden will feast on all of the nasty pests!

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