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How should I feed wild birds this winter?

There are so many ways to feed wild birds over winter. The most common one is to provide wild birds with a bird table - but one with a roof would be a good choice for ensuring that extra bit of shelter. Just make sure you keep it clean and it can allow rainwater to drain away easily! Nut and seed feeders are also a great way to care for wild birds. Hang them from any tree and watch them attract all sorts of wild birds!

Feeling creative? Then try some of these home-made tricks: hang half coconuts filled with fat, bird cake or peanut butter for birds from your trees or a bracket on your wall; suspend apples tied in a ring with string or rope; fill up holes and cracks of posts or logs with fatty food such as suet; or even scatter food on the ground for the wild birds that prefer to feed that way.

Keep wild birds safe by never using mesh nylon bags as feeders, as these can trap some birds'€™ beaks or feet. And lastly, make sure cats are kept indoors so they can safely watch birds enjoy their food!

Coconut feeder

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