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My lawn is absolutely covered with worm casts every few inches apart, is this something that can be prevented?

Viburnum tinus 'Gwenllia'

As you may know, worms are good for the garden; they improve soil structure, drainage and aeration. They are usually found on lawns that are shaded and have organic matter at soil level (be it grass clippings or leaves). No good chemical treatments are available, and we would not suggest any if there were as they can damage soil quality. So what to do?

Wait until the worm casts are fully dry, and sweep off with a broom. If your lawn is shaded this requires patience to wait for them to dry fully. If you are lucky enough to have a leaf blower and a besom broom (a broom made from bundles of birth branches around a shaft), use the two in combo - it works really well! You can also make sure that you clear all leaf clippings and any other organic matter from your lawn.

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