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My bird bath is frozen! How do I solve this problem?

It can be quite tricky to stop a bird bath from freezing, so try these five top tips to stop that icy water from affecting wild birds’ drinking patterns:

1. Place a light ball on the water in the bird bath (e.g. a squash ball). This can be moved by the softest of breezes and will keep a small amount of water ice-free, even in the most unsavoury conditions.
2. Line the bird bath with a polythene sheet (e.g. pond liner), overlapping the edge slightly. You will then be able to lift it out along with the ice.
3. Heated bird baths are an option for anyone wanting a tech solution. You can also try thermostatically controlled immersion heaters.
4. Move your bird bath to areas of the garden that receive high levels of sunlight.
5. Or try the old favourite: simply pour hot water on to melt the ice in your bird bath!

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