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How do I store my begonias over the winter?

Begonia bulbs can easily be stored over the winter and replanted again in the spring once the weather has warmed up.

The first step in the process is to remove your begonias from their pot or flower bed and knock off any excess soil. Some people like to leave their bulbs resting on newspaper for around a week to dry off although this is not essential.

You then need to remove any foliage by snapping off the stems just above the bulb. This will protect them from rot and fungal diseases. For extra protection from powdery mildew, lightly dust them with sulphur powder.

To store your begonia bulbs, you’ll need a ventilated cardboard box similar to the boxes new bulbs are delivered in. Place the box in a location that will stay just above freezing throughout the winter, a garage or conservatory would be ideal so long as your bulb does not get too warm. You don’t need to worry about watering your begonia; it should be happy hibernating in the box so long as it gets enough fresh air and does not freeze.