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I have dug up a Parsnip root, it is pushing up new green leaves and is firm however there is brown callouses on the outside. Other vegetation on the allotment are showing the same occurrence. Could watering in bright sunlight cause this type of damage?

You will need to cut the parsnip in half and take a look. If it is parsnip blight (Pseudomonas bacterium), the root interior of the parsnip will be brown. The best treatment is to ensure that the crop is rotated out of parsnips for at least 2 years. The fungal spores of blight occur over winter in old roots that have been left in the ground or placed on the compost heap.

These roots might grow during the following year, and will produce infected shoots. Later on in the year, new fungal spores of blight are then released onto the wind, where they spread to infect new crops. The spores of blight can also be washed into the ground by heavy rainfall or watering to infect the plants growing there. Watering the Parsnip in bright sunlight has not caused this damage.

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