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Where should I plant Clematis?

Clematis RebeccaClematis are primarily flowering climbers with a small number of smaller, well-branched varieties that form low mounds or are grown through shrubs. There are thousands of varieties offering a huge selection of flower types, flower colour and flowering season and sizes - suffice to say that there is a clematis for most situations and environments!

So to answer the specific question, most clematis should be planted adjacent to walls followed by fences, arches and pergolas to name a few. Crucially, for clematis to really excel, they need deep, rich, moist soil full of organic matter that are mostly in shade (ensure that the roots are shaded as opposed to parts of the plant that are mostly seen). However, they will need some direct sun during the day. This contradiction is usually resolved by shading the roots with other plants or a layer of pebbles or deep mulch.

In terms of the specifics of where you can grow clematis; if the roots are shaded and the soil is kept moist they will thrive in sun and partial shade. Smaller growing varieties (of which there are now many) are perfect for growing in containers if the containers are well watered, the roots are shaded and the clematis is planted in rich, water-retentive soil.

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