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Can you recommend plants which cats do not like? They tend to be using the garden as a loo!


There are numerous anti-cat gadgets on the market, sometimes they work sometimes they don'€™t... but the plants listed below have been shown to deter cats but not all cats! Most of our garden centres sell these or you can order them from our website.

Curry Plant - Helichrysum italicum -€“ this needs full sun all day and a free draining soil.

Lavenders - Lavandula Augustifolia – great classic garden shrub, a must-have plant regardless of cats.

Rosemary - Rosmarinus Afficinalis – a classic in any garden and on lamb!

Prickly plants - hawthorn, wild roses, holly, gorse, berberis, pyracantha, blackthorn

One other thing to try is to scatter cut up dried gorse or holly leaves as a mulch on your bare spoil areas... this really works!

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