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Anyone have any idea for the best way to remove buttercups from our lawn? They have spread almost to the point that we have more buttercups than grass.

We're presuming that you have an infestation of the meadow buttercup rather than its bigger cousin the creeping buttercup. Buttercups like wetter, heavy soils, so improving your drainage will help. Also, improving the vigour of grass with regular application of the relevant fertiliser will certainly help. Another approach is to physically intervene, removing the plants by hand with a specialist buttercup removing tool like the Wilkinson Sword Weedpuller. If you want a direct chemical solution, then apply a lawn weed killer that only attacks dichotomous plants such as buttercups.

If it is the creeping buttercup variety, the previous advice also applies and in fact will be a lot easier for you as they have a shallower root system.

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