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I have a newly bought lemon tree. It has 2 fruit on it and lots of flowers, but it's in a smallish plastic pot. I've read that they should be repotted in the spring " will it need to be repotted now or left till next spring? I intend to keep it in a conservatory and I don't want to do the wrong thing and lose the fruit!

Great question! Lemon trees don't mind being pot bound, so it's better to leave it for this year. Repot it this time next year into a bigger pot, making sure the root ball has 5cm or 2" of free space around it. Use a specialist citrus compost that is soil based, not peat based when repotting. In the meantime, keep it watered and well fed, feeding with a citrus fertiliser. Don't be alarmed if it drops its leaves; this often happens when there is some light disturbance and is quite a normal adaptation for a lemon tree.

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