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This year’s summer bedding turned into a slug-fest! Please could you recommend some summer bedding plants that slugs don’t really like?

Thanks for the fantastic question; this is such a common problem for gardeners! Do not worry though, there are so many slug proof bedding plants out there and even if your favourites aren’t slug-proof there are numerous ways to organically tackle slug problems.

Slug Proof Bedding Plants

Slugs don’t tend to like chewing too much so love young plants with tender leaves but will avoid plants with tough stems and leaves. They also hate plants with waxy or hairy leaves as this uncomfortable for them to travel across. For these reasons, begonias, hardy geraniums and fuchsia plants are amongst the bedding plants seen as slug-proof.

One of the keys to protecting your summer bedding plants is to water them early in the morning rather than in the evening when slugs are on the prowl.

If you want to prevent slugs from feasting on some of your more tender bedding plants, why not try co-planting some strong smelling herbs. Herbs like rosemary and lavender are a great choice as they give off fantastic essential oils that slugs can’t stomach. 

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