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I have recently moved house and my new garden is in a dreadful state! I'm not sure where to start as it feels there is so much to consider! What are your top tips and considerations when planning a garden from scratch?

Getting a new garden is an exciting time and my advice is to not do anything in haste. Get fences fixed and stained so that the garden is secure. Trim any hedges back (by as much as one third if they are overgrown) and get any large trees checked for safety. Get permission from the council for any tree work and then get it done. Overgrown shrubs can be cut back by one third to encourage them to make fresh new growth. Then it is a good idea to live with the space for as much as a year to see what comes up. Check where the sun reaches, if there are any boggy areas or areas of dry shade. Take lots of photos as useful reference. Removing obvious weeds is good, but be careful in case you pull up good stuff by mistake.

If you are really keen to get working on the garden you could concentrate on the lawn. Some liquid or granular lawn feed will give it a boost. It is amazing how cutting the lawn and trimming the edges will make a space look well cared for even if the borders are not perfect.

Answered by

Janine Pattison
Janine Pattison MSGD MBALI is a multi award-winning garden designer and horticulturist who trained with English Heritage at Eltham Palace in London and at Kingston Maurward College in Dorchester. A Registered Member of the Society of Garden Designers, Janine is also a qualified RHS horticulturist. Janine Pattison Studios are a leading UK landscape and garden design practice, renowned for creating stylish and contemporary gardens throughout the UK and occasionally overseas. They work for private and corporate clients and have close ties with architects, interior designers and developers. More information at www.janinepattison.com