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What sort of shelter should I provide for wild birds?

To help wild birds through the toughest season of all, provide them with a variety of solid winter dwelling to stay warm, safe and dry.

One of best forms of shelter you can provide wild birds is a bird box. We've got a huge selection of them in all shapes and sizes - so pop down to your local garden centre now to help keep our feathered friends warm and snug this winter!

Other ways you can try: creating some brush, rock and wood piles, which provide nooks and crannies for wild birds to hide in; roosting baskets (although meant for nesting) can provide some excellent warm shelter; dead trees or snags provide places for owls and woodpeckers to make great nesting crevices; eaves, porches and overhangs give birds amazing shelter from storms and harsh weather conditions, especially if there are no trees in your garden!.

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