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Choosing gardening as a retirement hobby

Choosing gardening as a retirement hobby

Retirement really is the start of the rest of your life. However, life after work can often leave people with a lack of purpose and too much time on their hands. Not to fear - there are a whole host of new and exciting hobbies you can try out, from photography to poetry, and of course - gardening! Gardening is one of the most rewarding of all hobbies, and with the additional time that retirement allows, you can see your garden or allotment flourish like it never has before.


Although many assume that gardening is only for the fit and mobile, this is far from true. There are plenty of gardening activities you can enjoy no matter what your fitness level. Raised beds are a great option if you have trouble bending down and getting up. There are also some fantastic tools and equipment out there designed to make even the toughest jobs less strenuous. What's more, gardening will provide you with some much needed exercise, keeping you fit and active into your old age. It's a great option if you've gone from a physical work role to being at home all day.

Therapeutic effects

Just looking out the window at your garden in full bloom on a summer's morning is extremely pleasurable, and can brighten up the dullest day. Watching your plants change throughout the seasons will provide you with interest and satisfaction. There's also nothing like the sense of accomplishment you get from cooking and eating your home-grown vegetables.

Grow your own fruit and vegetables

Retirement offers the time needed to move one step closer towards self-sufficiency. This can not only save you money on the cost of expensive organic vegetables at the supermarket, but also allows you to try out new and unusual varieties that aren't readily available to buy. It doesn't need to take up a huge amount of space, however, if you're looking to keep yourself fed all year round, why not look into renting an allotment or plot of land? You could also help out on community vegetable gardens. Potentially, you could even volunteer at a local school, teaching the children how to grow their own vegetables.


Gardening can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like so don't worry if you're living off of a fixed income. All you really need to get going are a few basic tools and some seeds. You can even exchange and share seeds and cuttings with a friend or neighbour for a completely free option. The extra time retirement allows means that you can cultivate your plants from seed or bulb rather than going for the more expensive plug and pot plant options.

To help you get started with your hobby, why not take a look through our extensive range of gardening guides that will walk you through a number of tasks from basic planting to topiary and training clematis. If you have any questions for our horticultural experts, please get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter - your question may even get answered by one of the celebrity gardeners taking part in our Gardener's Question & Answer feature.

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