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July gardening tips

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Flowers and containers

Divide old clumps of bearded irises and replant.

The big chop – chop oriental poppies, lupins, delphiniums and geraniums right down to the ground once they have finished flowering - be brave and be brutal - the new leaves will be an ornament and some may flower again.

Support tall delphinium stems with individual canes.

Cheat and fill any gaps in your borders with container-grown perennials. Dahlias will keep colour going until the first frosts so are a great autumn brightener in mixed borders.

Pick sweet peas regularly - this is in effect early deadheading and will ensure continued flowering. Remember sweet peas are thirsty plants so keep them well watered.

Go for instant impact and colour in your garden or on your terrace with a ready planted container; or for a special occasion sink whole containers into your borders for a fabulous instant makeover!

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Lifetime guarantee on hardy plants