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July gardening tips

Gardening Advice


Keep mowing your lawn but raise the height of your blades if the weather remains hot.

Feed established lawns if you haven't already done so with a summer lawn feed. If your lawn is mossy or full of weeds, use a feed with mosskiller or weedkiller, although this will also kill any wild flowers. If you have the lot, use combined feed, weed and mosskiller!

Add your grass clippings to the compost heap in shallow layers. A huge dollop will only turn slimy and spoil your compost.

Don't let newly laid lawns dry out in hot weather - water in the evenings and if there is a heat wave, consider leaving the lawn longer than usual just to help it through the hot weather.

If you are planning to seed a new lawn in the autumn, start preparing the area to allow the earth time to settle.

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