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Protect your garden from slugs and snails

Slug and snail resistant plants

Slugs and snails are a real problem for gardeners, and now is the perfect time to start protecting your garden from these slimy critters. Slugs like mild and warm winters and Met Office statistics show that average temperatures were slightly above what would be expected for both December and January, so slug experts are now warning gardeners to expect a population explosion.

Check out our 30 day plan of attack to protect your gardens from slugs this spring.

Beginning March – 30 days to population explosion

  • Stock up on supplies (see our recommended products below)
  • Put out your slug pellets
  • Start looking for young slugs
  • Surround vulnerable plants with material such as sharp grit or broken egg shells making it too uncomfortable for slugs to attack your plants

Mid March – 15 days to population explosion

  • Rotovate your soil to expose slugs and eggs to predators such as hedgehogs and garden birds
  • Head out at night with a torch to collect and remove slugs
  • Salt dehydrates slugs, so plants in pots can be protected by greasing the rim with Vaseline mixed with salt
  • Set beer traps by burying jars of beer which slugs find irresistible and as they head for the beer, they fall in to meet their demise, leaving your plants happy. Remember to empty!

April – August – All out war!

  • Adult slugs are out in force in May, eating up 40 times their daily weight so continue with night hunts and stock up on pellets in the garden
  • Spanish slugs are out in force – head out and hunt for them, placing those you find in a bucket of soapy water (the soap prevents them from climbing back out!)


  • Start your battle for next year – slugs are laying their autumn eggs to overwinter. The more you remove now, the less of a problem they will be in 2016

The slugs are coming so there is no time like the present to get ready for this year's war in our gardens.

Our recommended products – available to buy at your local Wyevale garden centre

Grazers G2 Slugs & Snails 750ml £6.99
• Ready to use spray that is safe to use on edible and ornamental plants

Vitax Slug Gone 5ltr Tub £9.99
• A highly effective barrier against slugs

Sluggo Ultra 2% (bottle) £6.99
• A Wyevale garden centres exclusive

Vitax Slug Gone Wool 3.5ltr £6.99
• A highly effective barrier against slugs and snails

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