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Where to Plant Bulbs

Where to Plant Bulbs

Fill gaps in beds and borders

Tuck between perennials, evergreen grasses and rocks in single or mixed varieties for accents of colour. Early perennials such as delphiniums and hellebores are great companions, whilst later perennials such as peonies and penstemon will hide fading foliage.

Naturalised in grass or woodland

Many varieties can create bright meadows of colour through lawns, deciduous woodland or wild flower meadows. To create a natural look, simply throw the bulbs into the air and plant them where they land.

When choosing bulbs to plant in grass, select types that complete their growing and flowering early, such as crocus and daffodils.

To create interest under deciduous trees, try using daffodils, scilla or snowdrops as they are in growth before the trees are in leaf.

Under shrubs and trees

Shade loving bulbs such as bluebells or snowdrops are heavenly planted around trees and shrubs.

Planted in formal gardens

Plant in blocks as part of a formal display of bold flower power.

Pots and containers

A great way to add a splash of colour to a deck, patio or balcony. We have a great assortment of containers that will help to create easy instant impact.

Either plant with two or three different types for staggered flowering or with a single variety packed together for a dramatic statement.

We have a range of hyacinths, specially prepared to flower early, which look beautiful in our hyacinth glass vases.

Top Tip

Try Lasagne ‘layered’ planting for months of potted colour:

  1. Find the perfect container
  2. Choose at least three bulb types
  3. See our planting guide for layering details; plant the pointed end facing upwards