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Daucus carota 'Fucino Mezza Lunga'
Carrot 'Fucino Mezza Lunga'

Daucus carota 'Fucino Mezza Lunga' Carrot 'Fucino Mezza Lunga'
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Daucus carota Carrot 'Fucino Mezza Lunga' is an excellent bunching Daucus carota Carrot that can be sown regularly throughout the season, without the need for thinning, and harvested as a bunch of smooth, cylindrical, blunt ended roots. It produces small, tasty Carrot s that are ideal for eating raw with salads. Height: 30cm (12in). Spread: 15cm (6in).

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Berry colour Orange
Botanical name Daucus carota
Common name Carrot 'Fucino Mezza Lunga'
Drought resistance N
Foliage Deciduous
Foliage colour Green
Fragrance N
Habit Bushy
Plant type Vegetable Seeds
Season of interest Summer, Autumn
Time to maturity 1 - 2 years
Ultimate height 0.1m - 0.5m
Ultimate spread 0.1m - 0.5m
Useful/additional information Prefers light open soils, well manured from a previous crop. In heavy soils roots tend to fork. Sow October to February under glass, frames or fleece, or March to July in the open ground, covering with fleece to avoid carrot fly. Sow seeds thinly 13mm deep, in rows 15cm apart. Cover seed lightly with soil and press firmly. Water if soil is dry and keep watered as roots develop. Thin to 2cm-5cm depending on root size required. Harvest by pulling or lifting in succession over several weeks, starting when the roots are young and tender. Later lifting will provide larger roots and some can be left in the ground and protected against frost with straw or fleece. Water well to encourage germination. Once germinated, carrots should be watered only when necessary to keep the soil moist as excessive water may encourage leaf growth instead of roots. During growth, the carrot roots may be earthed up to prevent green crowns developing.

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