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Phaseolus vulgaris 'Splendido'
Borlotti Bean 'Splendido'

Phaseolus vulgaris 'Splendido' Borlotti Bean 'Splendido'
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Phaseolus vulgaris Borlotti Bean 'Splendido' is an attractive variety; the 13-14cm, broad pods are red in colour, splashed with cream markings and bulging with 6-7 cream with red streaked seeds. Pods can be harvested immature but it is usually grown for the full sized seeds for harvesting in the autumn. Height: 45cm (18in). Spread: 30cm (12in).

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Berry colour Red, White
Botanical name Phaseolus vulgaris
Common name Borlotti Bean 'Splendido'
Drought resistance N
Flower colour Purple
Flowering time Summer
Foliage Deciduous
Foliage colour Green
Fragrance N
Habit Climbing
Plant type Vegetable Seeds
Season of interest Summer, Autumn
Time to maturity 1 - 2 years
Ultimate height 0.1m - 0.5m
Ultimate spread 0.1m - 0.5m
Useful/additional information These beans require a minimum soil temperature of 20C, so seed sowing must be delayed until these conditions prevail, usually from May in succession to August. Earlier sowings can be made under glass during March and April for earliest crops. Prepare the soil prior to sowing to create a level, weed free bed. Plant seed in rows 5cm apart with seed stations every 25cm in the rows. Using a dibber place 3 to 4 seeds at each station 3 to 5cm deep. Cover seeds with soil and firm. Water regularly after sowing and throughout the cropping period. No staking is required. Support for the plants can be achieved by pulling soil from between the rows towards the base of the plants.

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