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Our lifetime guarantee on hardy plants

To us, a "hardy" plant should be just that. Whether it's a tree, a shrub or a rose we expect it to flourish for many years in your garden. After all, our expert buyers work hard to source the very best quality. Before buying at a centre, why not have a chat with one of our experienced garden staff? They'll help you choose the right hardy plants for your garden from our high quality selection - all backed by that lifetime guarantee.

Our guarantee:

If one of our hardy plants doesn't thrive, we'll replace it with a plant of the same value. Naturally, this is subject to you following the planting and care instructions supplied with the plant.

We are here to help

Simply contact our customer service team (you will be required to provide a photo) or return it to your local centre along with your receipt, barcode label, or order number. We will then replace the plant with another plant of the same value.

Plants that are not guaranteed

Our hardy plants, which includes trees, shrubs and roses, are expected to flourish for many years in your garden. Non-hardy plants are not included. These are seasonal plants such as hardy annuals, biennial plants, bonsai, indoor plants, summer patio plants or half hardy plants. Plants used in landscaping work for a third party are not covered by this lifetime guarantee.

Your statutory rights are not affected in anyway by this lifetime guarantee.