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Make your own natural Christmas decorations

Your Christmas tree is obviously the most important decoration in your room. But it needn’t stop there.

Plants can be used to make the most inspirational Christmas decorations and, the brilliant thing is, they’ll have your own personal touch.

And don’t just go for traditional holly and berries. Try something you wouldn’t normally think of. Cinnamon sticks tied in a bundle. Or oranges and lemons positioned strategically around the room. You could even hang them from your tree with colourful ribbons, to supplement your other baubles.

But it’s always best to keep your displays simple, for maximum impact. Don't mix too many different things together. Use just a couple of items, rather than jumbling up lots of elements.

Use your imagination and improvise. You’ll end up with decorations that are striking and unforgettable.


background chilli pinecone oranges cinnamon wreath