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Oranges give off the most amazing scent, but take a long time to dry, so start these early. The simplest way is to cut thick slices and leave them on cooling racks to dry in the airing cupboard. If time is short you can speed things up by leaving them in a warm oven, once it is finished with and turned off, overnight.

Thread a colourful ribbon through the edge and these look stunning hung in front of a window or Christmas lights, where the segments shine like miniature stain glass windows.

Drying whole oranges can take ages and should ideally be started by the beginning of October if they are to be completely dry in time for Christmas. They can either be left as they are, studded with cloves to make a fragrant pomander, or slit evenly around and then strung with ribbon. Use them as scented decorations on the dining table or hang them from the tree.