Wyevale Garden Centres


One of the most impressive decorations you can make yourself is a Christmas wreath to clothe a door or gate. They look fabulous but are actually very simple to make. This one uses a woven wreath and the plant material has simply been threaded through or woven on with florists wire, but you could also use a ring of oasis soaked in water for a few minutes before inserting your plant material.

Gather some greenery for the base - this one uses Abies koreana, which has a lovely, snowy-white underside to the leaves, but any conifer, holly, ivy, laurel, pittosporum, even heuchera leaves would work just as well. A few pinecones were attached at regular intervals and then cotoneaster berries threaded throughout the remainder of the wreath. Pyracantha, crataegus, skimmia, holly berries and rosehips will also look stunning. Use a length of ribbon to hang your wreath to the door and hang it as soon as you can, spraying it regularly with water to keep it looking fresh.