Wyevale Garden Centres

Our people

What kind of people come to work for us?

Our people

… are inspiring

They are curious. They ask questions. They plant and improve ideas and possibilities. They have expertise and knowledge to inspire the customer. They encourage others to make things happen.

… are helpful

They recognise what matters to others. They listen to customers and colleagues. They know their stuff and use it to make things easier for others. They get stuck in and have a can-do attitude.

… take ownership

They know what do to and when to do it. They jump in and get things done. They look for ways round problems. They involve others to get the best for the customer.

… are passionate

They have oomph and energy. They are passionate about horticulture, food and our products. They care about colleagues and customers, and show this all day every day. They love the work and our future.

How we find the best people

If you come in to see us, or complete one of our assessments, we’ll want to explore your best qualities in different ways:

  • We’ll talk about what you’ve done in your career so far, why you want to work for Wyevale Garden Centres, and what kind of teams, challenges and environments get the best out of you
  • With all potential colleagues, we’ll complete a competency or criteria based interview, based on the skills and experience we think are really important for the role you’ve applied for.
  • In our interviews, we look for examples of when and how you’ve been in certain situations before. For example, we might explore your best example of difficult decision-making, or the best sale you’ve ever made, asking you what you did, how you approached it, and what impact you had.
  • We’re looking for your best past examples from your professional career so far, but examples from your personal life, education or voluntary experiences would be great too.
  • We’d also really like to see you blow your own trumpet!
  • Depending on the role you’ve applied for, we’ll also ask you to complete a practical exercise, such as a case study or role-play, to show us how you would approach a scenario you’d likely face in the role in real life.