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Agapanthus 'Headborne Hybrids' Agapanthus 'Headborne Hybrids'

The showy flowers of agapanthus are a great asset to the garden in summer. Clusters of flowers, predominantly in shades of blue, are held on long stems.

Most agapanthus are deciduous losing their leaves over winter but there are a few varieties that are evergreen, but usually have to be kept in a greenhouse over the winter as they are not hardy.

Agapanthus love sunny positions that are well drained and can grow particularly well in a pot. They typically grow between 45cm (1½ ft) and 100cm (3 ft) tall and so are ideal for the front to middle of a sunny border.

They do not normally suffer from pests but they can sometimes be difficult to get to flower. This is usually when the plant is overfed with a high nitrogen feed or planted in the shade, it produces masses of fresh leaves with few flowers. Allowing the plant to become pot-bound and using a high potash feed such as tomorite in addition to ensuring it is in full sun usually helps it to flower.

Agapanthus can be grown as part of a mixed border, but using perennial salvia, veronica and lavender you can make a stylish coloured theme for your border.

Agapanthus Agapanthus Agapanthus Agapanthus