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Alstroemeria 'Red Beauty' Alstroemeria 'Red Beauty'

These exotic flowers provide masses of impact in containers and in the border. There is a fantastic range of vibrant flowers; oranges, purples and yellows which contrast with the pastel shades of pink and creams so there is a colour to suit every colour scheme.

There are new varieties that have been bred for their more compact habit reaching around 45 to 60cm (1½ ft to 2 ft) whilst taller varieties grow to about double this size. They all grow best in a fertile position in full sun and need to be kept moist but not waterlogged. Over the winter they will die back to ground level to re-emerge the following spring.

They do not normally suffer to any real extent from pest problems, problems more likely being due to poor care in watering.

With their exotic flowers, alstroemeria are an excellent plant to accompany lilies, gladioli, crocosmia and dahlias, but can also be grown singularly in containers.

Alstroemeria 'Hatch Hybrid' Alstroemeria 'Neptune' Alstroemeria 'Friendship Alstroemeria 'Hookeri'
Alstroemeria 'Hatch Hybrid' Alstroemeria 'Neptune' Alstroemeria 'Friendship Alstroemeria 'Hookeri'