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Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)-x


Amaryllis have some of the most showy flowers you can have in your house. With massive flowers some reaching 20cm (9") across and a good range of colours they make some great impact on a light windowsill. A cooler room helps to extend the flowering period.

Amaryllis are easy to get to flower in the first year as the energy for this year's flowers was produced from the growth before it became dormant. Next year's flowers rely on the care that they have been given after flowering, keep them in a warm greenhouse or conservatory and keep them growing. The leaves will provide the energy for the following year's flowers.

Keep them in a light position in any room of the house and feed regularly with a balanced feed such as baby bio. Allow the dead flower spike to die off naturally and return the energy to the bulb before removing.

Amaryllis look best as a feature plant in a matching pot on a light window and look particularly good planted as three bulbs in a larger container. Alternatively by staggering planting you can keep them in a back room until they come towards flowering then bring them into a prominent position.