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Camellia ‘Anticipation’
Camellia ‘Anticipation’

In late winter, camellias give some of the best interest to the garden. They are excellent plants for containers as well as borders.

There is a fantastic range of varieties in shades from palest pink through to vivid red and both single and double flowers that stand out against the dark green evergreen foliage.

They are best grown in ericaceous conditions which can be achieved by adding ericaceous compost when planting and giving a regular acid feed. They are relatively slow growing reaching about 1.5m (5ft) in ten years but over time can become a sizable plant.

They are relatively trouble free but must not be allowed to dry out in the autumn as the buds form for the following year otherwise they will abort.

In an ericaceous border they are perfect for planting with rhododendrons and azaleas which enjoy similar conditions.

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