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Cyclamen are ideal plants for bringing plenty of colour into the house. From pure white to the richest of reds together with pinks and purples, it is easy to match to the colour scheme of your room.

There is a range of varieties, some with smaller flowers suitable for autumn bedding in the garden whilst the large flowered varieties are best in a cool room.

Cyclamen are easy to care for; when watering avoid getting water on the leaves or flowers and keep moist but not waterlogged. If it dries to the point of going limp, it is easy to revive by placing the cyclamen in a saucer of tepid water for 2 minutes and allowing the plant to take it up.

Cyclamen suffer from very few pests. Regular deadheading will prolong the life of the plant and keep it looking in top condition for many months of enjoyment.

Cyclamen look fantastic planted on their own but they can also be planted as part of an arrangement using the structure of adianthum or Boston fern together with a green ivy to cascade and a small poinsettia. This can look stylish as a table arrangement.

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