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Unlike the phalaenopsis, which is often displayed on a windowsill, cymbidiums are much larger and better situated at the side of your furniture where their large flower spikes can create some impact.

The large waxy flowers come in creams, greens, yellows and even pink and burgundy. They last a long time and so can be removed to use as a cut flower. Growing to about 1m with dark green sword like leaves, cymbidiums like a light room but avoid south facing windows.

They were originally found growing in trees in tropical jungles so they enjoy the temperatures in our houses but need the humidity maintaining so mist regularly with tepid water. During the summer months they can be kept in a sheltered position outside, this will actually aid the production of flowers due to the difference in night time temperatures but ensure that they are brought back inside when the temperature drops to 10°C

They have a long flowering period with each spike lasting up to 2 months but once that bulb has flowered it will not flower again. However new bulbs are being formed which will flower once they have matured, to aid this feed weekly with orchid feed to ensure the plant receives all the nutrients it needs.

Cymbidiums are relatively trouble free, with problems more likely to occur due to over-watering than through pests so using suitable orchid compost that is very free draining will eliminate a lot of problems.

Cymbidiums are normally kept on their own rather than in a mixed display but to make a more attractive display examine the pot covers, they prevent your floor from becoming wet when you water and have a much nicer look for your room.

Cymbidium   Cymbidium