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Ilex aquifolium 'Golden van Tol'-x

Ilex aquifolium 'Golden van Tol'

This variety of holly takes the best features of other varieties and combines them. It is self fertile and so produces berries without a male variety being present although having a male variety nearby can increase berry production.

Its golden yellow and dark green evergreen foliage is very eye-catching and can be used to brighten a darker corner. This variety has smooth rather than prickly foliage making it better for pruning into shape.

Ilex is generally trouble free, it is easily trimmed in July or August and so can be maintained at the height you want. Un-pruned it could become the size of a small tree over 30 years but most people keep them to around 2m (7ft) at the back of a border. It is also very effective grown as topiary into the shape of a pyramid or lollipop.

It can grow in almost any light position from full sun to shade and most soils except very wet.

The dense foliage gives an excellent roosting and nesting place for small birds whilst the berries will provide food in the autumn for blackbirds.