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Leucanthemum x superbum Leucanthemum x superbum

One of the easiest perennials to grow is Leucanthemum, commonly known as the Shasta Daisy.

It is free flowering, making a great display in your borders from June to September during which time it is good at attracting butterflies and bees.

Forgiving and generally disease free, they grow to approximately 60cm (2 ft) and fare best when provided with some support. They prefer full sun but will tolerate partial shade and grow in almost any soil type, although they do object to waterlogging.

Being deciduous (i.e. they lose their leaves over winter) they reappear every spring with fresh dark green leaves before flowering with the typical daisy configuration of long elegant petals around a yellow eye.

New varieties include several with more petals to give a ruffled effect and a striking golden yellow version.

White flowered varieties make an excellent contrast to the blue of Salvia nemorosa ‘Ostfriesland’ whilst the strong yellows are great to accompany Gaillardia aristata ‘Goblin’.

Leucanthemum 'T.E. Killin' Leucanthemum 'Goldrush' Leucanthemum 'Aglaia' Leucanthemum 'Sonnenshein'
Leucanthemum 'T.E. Killin' Leucanthemum 'Goldrush' Leucanthemum 'Aglaia' Leucanthemum 'Sonnenshein'