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Now is the time for planting narcissus, as we remove our summer bedding, we can plant the bulbs before putting autumn and winter bedding above them so that we have a colourful autumn and winter display knowing that in late winter or spring bulbs will be emerging with loads of colour.

There is a massive range of more unusual narcissus from those with delicate heads suitable for the rockery such as minnow through the pure whites of Thalia to the large flowers of King Alfred. By planting a range of varieties you can greatly extend the flowering period as one variety finishes another starts. You can also use the range of sizes to add colour from the front of the border to the middle or even naturalise by planting into parts of the lawn.

Narcissus are easy to grow, best in full sun to enhance the flower colours, they will grow in most soils with the exception of damp. There are varieties that only grow to 15cm (6”) whilst others can grow to 60cm (2 ft).

Ensure that they are allowed to die back fully after flowering before removing the dead leaves or they may not be able to store enough nutrients for next years flowers.

Plant with winter flowering pansies, violas and other spring bulbs in containers or borders for a colourful late winter and spring display.

Narcissus Narcissus Narcissus Narcissus