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Patio rose

Patio roses are available in such a range of colours that there is a colour for almost every planting scheme. With colours from white through pinks and oranges to dark reds but no blues. They are usually repeat flowering and should be regularly dead headed so that the plant puts the energy into more flowers rather than the rose hips.

Patio roses are varieties that are much smaller (growing to 30cm to 60cm (1-2 ft) than the typical border roses and as such are able to grow happily in a container. The larger border roses usually become root-bound in a container and if allowed to dry out even for a short period of time can become infected with fungal diseases.

Patio roses grow best in full sun, and should be kept well fertilised to produce the maximum amount of flowers. They grow well in most soils but extra care needs to be taken in sandy soils to prevent it drying out, digging in well rotted farm manure will help in these conditions. When planting in containers use John Innes no.3 mixed with some multi-purpose compost to get the best results.

Whilst patio roses usually look best as a single plant in a complementary pot, in the border they can be mixed with a range of cottage garden perennials to produce a traditional English garden on a smaller scale. Veronicas, lupins and foxgloves all add to this theme.

Patio rose Patio rose Patio rose Patio rose