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There are so many different colours of rhododendron that almost every colour is available, matching the colour scheme of any garden.

There is a wide variety of growth rates from the dwarf growing varieties such as impetidum, an excellent blue variety that grows to around 45cm (1.5 ft) in ten years to the larger ponticum varieties that reach 4m (13 ft) in a similar period. Small growing varieties will grow well in a pot – use ericaceous compost (rhododendron and azalea compost) and give a regular feed.

Rhododendrons prefer moist positions but not waterlogged, ideally in partial shade. They dislike lime and chalk so if you live in this type of area you may have to grow your rhododendrons in pots and ensure regular acid feeds.

As part of an acid border, rhododendrons can be grown sucessfully with camellias and azaleas to give loads of spring colour, in addition acers and conifers can be grown here to add some foliage interest during the summer.

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