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‘Grace’ rose

We have reached the best time of the year for planting roses, the soil is still warm and moist to give them the best start possible. Roses are very versatile with their range of colours and sizes, they can be grown amongst a herbaceous border, as part of a set rose bed or even used as a flowering hedge where their thorns will keep people from walking across and the flowers will make a feature.

A personal favourite is the ‘Grace’ rose with its apricot coloured flowers and beautiful warm fragrance. It repeat-flowers and has good disease resistance and can even be grown in a large container. ‘Grace’ roses grow to about 1m x 1m.

There are patio varieties which only grow 45cm (18”), shrub roses around 120cm (4ft) right through to climbers and ramblers which can reach 10m (30ft) in colours from pure white through to dark red with plenty of vibrant yellows and oranges on the way.

Roses grow and flower best in full sun and in moist but not waterlogged soil. When planting dig in farmyard manure together with the existing soil which will reduce the extremes of too wet or too dry.

The more petals a rose produces the more fertiliser it requires, with a weekly application of Tomorite from June being very beneficial to producing more and better flowers. In addition regular dead heading will encourage more flowers.

Try creating a scented bed with roses, lavender, lilac and other scented plants to tempt your senses as you pass. There is a wide range of scents from musk and myrrh through to citrus, although not all roses are scented it adds an extra dimension to the garden.

‘Queen of Sweden’ rose ‘Guinee’ rose ‘Winchester Cathedral’ rose ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ rose
‘Queen of Sweden’ rose ‘Guinee’ rose ‘Winchester Cathedral’ rose ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ rose