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Rudbeckia 'Goldsturn' Rudbeckia 'Goldsturn'

In July and August our eyes are drawn to the bright colours in the herbaceous border with rudbeckia being one of the most eye-catching. With masses of single flowers often with a black centre, they have a long flowering period.

Rudbeckia should be grown in full sun for best effect with the golden yellow and orange flowers making an eye-catching effect. They like to be kept moist but not waterlogged especially over the winter. They usually grow to between 45cm and 90cm (1½ ft to 3 ft) depending on variety so are well suited to the middle of a sunny border.

They do not normally suffer from pests and are very easy to grow. They are very hardy but die back to ground level over the winter before the fresh growth emerges in the spring.

Try planting the rudbeckia with gaillardia and helenium to produce a fiery hot herbaceous border. Crocosmia and dahlias can also be a worthwhile planting companion.

Rudbckia 'Marmalade' Rudbeckia 'Autumn Colours' Rudbeckia 'Herbstonne' Rudbeckia 'Prarie Fire'
Rudbckia 'Marmalade' Rudbeckia 'Autumn Colours' Rudbeckia 'Herbstonne' Rudbeckia 'Prarie Fire'