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Schlumbergera (Christmas Cacti)-x


Over the Christmas period, this easy to grow cacti provides good colour in the home. It has succulent mid-green arching stems from which a variety of flower colours such as white, pink, purple and red are produced.

Schlumbergera grows best in a well lit position in almost any room of the house. When the buds form ensure that the plant is not allowed to dry out as this can cause the buds to abort.

They produce many blooms but need a resting period (when water and warmth are decreased) to produce next year's flowering buds. This could involve placing the plant outside between June and August in a shady position away from slugs.

When the plant needs repotting, use a cacti and succulent compost, or alternatively houseplant compost, but add some extra sand to improve the drainage.

It looks excellent in a matching glazed pot on a light windowsill.