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x-Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’

Cornus sanguinea
'Midwinter Fire' Available to buy now

Colour in your garden during the winter months is a must - it cheers the soul and lifts the spirits even on the darkest day! Amongst the group of shrubs that do this job Cornus species (Dogwoods) are near the top of the list.

Fast growing, virtually bullet proof and very low maintenance Dogwoods offer so much, excellent screening during the summer months fabulous autumn tones and vibrant coloured stems all winter long. They thrive on most soils in sun and partial shade.

Cornus sanguineum 'Midwinter Fire' is a British native and one of the very best Dogwoods! An excellent variety that adds a bold splash of colour to your garden from October to the following May.

The vivid green foliage turns a gorgeous range of oranges yellows and reds in the autumn before dropping to reveal to reveal spectacular bright red-tipped, orange-yellow stems, the colours of which intensify as winter proceeds!

Maintain the best stem colour by cutting down your Dogwood to within 10cm of the ground level in late winter every one to two years. Kick start the new growth with a top dressing around the shrub of well rooted compost or farmyard manure.

Use the dazzlingly coloured cut stems for flower arrangements! They hold their colour for many months and will often take root in the vase! All you need to do it cut down to a manageable length (30cm) and plant out in friable soil.

If you have the space I suggest for best effect planting Midwinter Fire in groups of three shrubs - a location that catches the winter sun. The coloured stems of Midwinter Fire look fabulous under-planted with spring flowering bulbs snow drops, winter aconites, or bluebells, which work really well, as do many other spring bulbs. The flowers of low growing hellebores make for a stunning combination against the vivid stems.